p0m p0m p0m

Dis week pnat,ngnt0k..
Blik dr trip yg so far ok but n0t t0o intresting..i tink i dun get any info,bc0z i m lazy to write da info given.yes,dats me..juz into left ear n out fr0m right ear.
Da weather at the n0rth n0t so gud~so h0t..myb ther r da rice burning now..da bes part wen kami naek l0ri u ke msjid c0z bus pr0b.wlau skejap tp dats sweet mem0 which is cn0t buy.0k,byk pic yg c0mey n0mey tp later i upl0ad.juz view yg my frens tagged in fb..dpt ank sdara bru ~ank sdara apek~
=( jum date!da sblan lbeh xjmpa)=

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