diner stylo punye post...

i dunno wat to wear..
but tanx to my lovly rumet bcoz jdik penaja i..
from cleopatra boutiqe..

no komenn..
but we juz go n sit n listen n see n eat..
take few memories..
then back..
dunno why it cannot be like before

i juz eat bhun greng n bubur kcang(my febret)
spageti ayam hotdog kuih
i tapau for my rumet..
kind of me..huhuhu
but she sudah knyang..mkn skit jea..
pass to aida's rumet n ira..

let me show ur da pictures in dda other post..
my fren tag me too in fb..

lately i m so lazy..never serius gilely focus in lecture and never open da book..
i wanna some more air