little word than less for me

assalamualaikum..waalaikumusalam aku jwab lam hati.

manis kah kurma itu?mestialah manis.hahhaa.ok kate aku loser sbb aku baru nak layan maharajalawak untuk sume minggu,aku memang camni.xsuke follow awal awal sbb xsuke tunggu2,bile tgok skank kan senang trus leh tgok sume minggu.molek x alasan aku?

lets talk bout da main or important topic in dis post,today eh no few days before yesterday i had spent lots of my time to use my brain,its not the matter how or wher i used it but the matter is what the most thing my brain was used.understand?*fevret Q to peeps in comm* i hav been think n think bout my future not future husband but future career, yes exactly! so i started set in my mind while i'm still stuck in thinking process but the mind sent the neuron to body to take some of action.oisom okeh! then yesterday (tuesday midnite) my eyes n hand start working n searching.on the wednesday morning i got phone call while my eyes my heart still in dreaming on mom's bed. yeahhh!u guess diors what its bout!the feedback from that action hoyeh.i got an interview from one chinese guy company datditdut,after lil conversation the interview will b arrange later.tanx ALLAH.at least the feedback give me some strength n spirit to never lost hope..so i wanna make decision eventou i'm lil bit scare,not confident and others negativ attitudes cross in mind i still wanna fight for it.

i wanna try,at least dior.giv me some advice,spirituals or wateva u can.dun make me down plis.
dengan ini aku mencabar diri sendiri!!remember me this frens that i'm on my talk n hope.bukan hanye talk to my hand.paham?

for me,we r not loser seekers else yeah convocation day bulan 10 kot.chillex lah kan.bab kate pakar motivasi u r loser wen u dind get any job 3months after convocation.correct me if dis statement false yah baybehh=>

maafkan kekhilafan english ku.
niteyy chocs.

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