words can motivate and inspire me


am not book worm person.yes..eventho now am not a student
but everyday assignment and notes come to mama #eh me
which iz i need to read to improve my knowledge.but yes i am
still i am very hard to stick wit notes.but da other side of me,
am in love wit simple words but inspire me lots and at da same
time motivate me (katakata hikayat no hikmah).yes i do,do u?
and from these kind of words i keep learning and wow terasa
ok..fine menusuk ke kalbu yg diri sendiri memang cmtu.paham?
like u wanna tell some pepol but u cant tell them directly
but yes with these kind of words mohon mereka paham ape yg
tersirat dan tersurat tanpa menyinggung perasaan scara zahir
dan batin. but at the same time peringatan untuk diri sendiri jugak.
sharing iz caring.caring iz loving..oh my yinglish!

(Ibarat org memberi nasihat dgn tulus ikhlas)

p/s: nak tanamkan sifat suke membace (da dewasa bru nk tanam kesian)

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