Almost a year???

xjawab dosa, jawab sayangggggggggggg.

ehem.. almost a year i being a wife to annoying loving meng.
 almost 1 year (31 ogos 2015 our anniversary date.)
eventho almost 10 years we become a couple (same date yoo)

Being a wife is soooooooooo adventuroussssssss.errrk

u can feel any feeling. angry, happy, scare, annoying, mad, love, etc
i tink u get married first and u will understand ok?

y i called him annoying gais? because since im married 
i need to learn how to cook.
i need to clean the house
i need to rush back after work
need to wake up earlier on wekend
No time for lazy all day
No time for lepak with friends
No time for gosips
cook for other favorite
think other feeling first
give other priority than mine
cannot be ego like i do beforeeeeee

and always always need to sabarrrrrrrrrrr iah

macam complaint kan kan kam?yes complaint but deep 
in my heart i enjoying do it.
dala buat dapat pahala.
hati tenang.
all in one.
but at da end we know only him akan ada dgn kte
sampai bila bila (inshallah)

yap in dis world xde sape yang sempurna
xde sape yg sntiasa boleh follow ape kita nak
xde sape dalam dunia akan sntiasa buat kte hepi
xde sape dalam dunia ni yg akan salu hepi

paham?konsep die give n take.
kalu xboleh take buat2 lah take.ambik hati.

give more, expect less. always as a wife.
satu bende yang best sekali
sentiasa nak jadik yg terbaik, nak tunjuk yang terbaik,
nak buat yang terbaik sebagai isteri.

yang lain serah kt Allah kan.

So to annoying husby, glad n syukur sangat
awak jadik suami saya.
wapun kdg2 mcam singa tp slalu jadik kucing.
i know u changed a lot too to be better person.
walaupun stiap kali masak kene masak smbal telur, 
smbal ikan bilis.i da redha.huhu 
Thanks again.

xnak puji u lelebeh n mgkin xde pujian for you
but you know i know you well.
i really love you n fall in love with you.

Alhamdulillah semoga hubungan kite smpai syurga.
semoga hati kite semakin kuat.

last but not least.

Happy Birthday my soulmate on 8 August!
Happy anniversary on 31 August!

Always me,

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