head up guys! cheapest shawl and tudung there!

still in da blue moonday?

i always write post with my fon at home but end up i sav it in draft.
bcoz i hate writing in limited skrin..eheh.

Just wanna spread the positivity and at da same time pop up mine.

Even though you are fed up,
You gotta keep your head up

dun really give up even though tired
unless you dont want it

be someone you want
to be around

Success is the small effort repeated

Sooooooooo now i have my track back.
3 years back i do small business but stop
for some reason n wit Allah will i continued it back.
with small one too 

you can find it in instagram.
Do visit and kindly cuci your mata.
i try my best to give cheapest price.
seriously i will never let my page to be cheap
by drop any comment at others page
"visit my ig" or watevs.

u noe wat im talking rite? i choose to be classy.
Alhamdulillah i saw it smooth.
Let Allah make it more smooth and berkat.
Inshallah it become bigger rite?

To share with you about sedekah
The power of sedekah
 i saw some pepols close to me love
sedekah no matter what. i never saw him/her
feel lack of money..seriously i dunno when he/she complaint
no moneyyyyy.. bukan orang kaya pun but Alhamdulillah.

sedekah dengan ikhlas Allah blas berganda ganda dengan
pelbagai cara. y lah i xterdedah with all this dari dulu.
rugiiiiii.skank bile bace kat fb raja Shamrin psal sedekah 
untuk mangsa banjir di kuala krai.Allah i feel so excited to
do the same. ramai yg sedekah share their rewards after that.

dont forget solat dhuha n tahajud. im learning now..as a manusia biasa
biasa im the one lack in everyhting.oso..keep learning.

i promise to you husband to being a better wife, guide me.
show me that we can through these journey together till da eyes close forever
and meet again in hereafter. Inshallah.

i really gegilaaaaa nak share with all bout sumting bigger will happen.
Inshallah.pray for the smooth.but i stori wen it ready to share ok.
untuk sekarang semangat, motivation, kekuatan, keyakinan and 
usaha keras kene ade.

this week i fly to klate..oh btw last weeknd sbb i xkeje on dat sturday but
i need to settle "place shawl n tudungs at ZeniaAmily Butik di puncak alam"

Husband ask me to let him send and handle it while i m back to klantan
but i refused because it my first time.heeeeeeee so i settled.

and next sturday im working, after work i rush to airport.
sumting i not like about flight.need to go sooo early.huuuu
i hope husband not working dat time so he can send me off.

Till Then,

p/s: im not curi tulang.im kinda tulis skit skit skit sav..pastu rse nk publish i edit n taddaaa =)




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