chinese new year holiday post - Penang Street Art (P. Pinang)

Assalamualaikum.. Dunno how many years ive post for chinese new year but i noe almost every year. Thanks Allah for giving so many race in this country.heee so we got extra public holiday, yes as employee who-not-happy-then??such a very very work hard.. hermmmm i dun want complaint *trust me* i tryy my best to accept everything but im still a human.let me throw out all the feeling *bit emotional* ehhh i just noe i
shud compose the post.ptotlah selama ni aku letak space ke enter ke still post aku mcam essay..
Lame fatin lame!

let me be honest..im not happy with my work anymore.bcoz of wat?just stop here.
Stress. bored. no mood. distress.

or i just need a vacation as chill pill.boleh jgak jadik alasan.
stat kete esok cuti kannnnnnn and sbtu keje..seeeee?
heeeeeeeeeeeeee xpe ni ketentuan Allah untuk kte.
ramai xde keje menganggur.rmai xdpat gaji mcm kte dpt.Alhamdulillah for
all blessing but still we need to change our life rite.
Allah asks us to move on and improve our life not
just follow and waiting miracle happens.

post wedding pic ehh x post chicken pox pic...

the holiday picture can make me smizeee a while.i said a while means JOM HOLIDAY LAGI

another happy pills.be with them.smiling to the ear.heeee.

Till Then,


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