okpit oh de dey- fishtail

happy friday? yay?nay? most of us yay rite?eleh esok wekend koottt.

since i stat to active blogging back so i try my best lah.xtau nk tulis ape pun xpe kite letak je pape janji ade?sampah?kosong? who cares?me!! i miss my blog so mushhh.i dun have story book to read if i stop.LOL. you dun kecil kecil kan my blog.this one i want dedicate to my childssssss.

me like fishtail shirt or blous or blabla watsoeva u called it.i just love them so much emm like i love ccolblog too.. evrytime i saw coolblog i must get my apple kiwi yogurt smoothies or choc oreo..both i put pearl.yummy yummmy super yummy..okey telan air liur.

fishtail can cover our back, u noe wat back i refer too.emmm.so i kinda liddat, me not the tuck in person whole the shirt. mesti yg back klua if  baju labuh soo i just need dis kinda shirt witout tuck in lah.

so dat day i was wearing white shirt with jeans jacket (raining day) with black jeans. tudung bawal n shoes.
only da jacket from esprit, shoes from vincci n others unbranded. i wish they have fishtail lengan panjang.


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