mY first baby

sebenarnyer long2 time ago i want create blog..psal i very2 minat conteng2 n ckp2 xntu psal..
tp memndangkn my life is so busy so i juz forget it.yelah..ngan intenet yg lembab kt my uitm tuuutt(terpksa drhsiakn ) sbb tertentu..i love dat place..mmm but now cmner my hand try to sign up afta 1 month i doing noting at home..oh my goshh..i should stat early rite?but better late than never..yeaahhh..i m rite..my first baby..like others fmily,their first baby will make them happy,interested,Up their love,n wateva filing dey hav dat time..eh..ape kena ngan my topic?nope..ade kne mengena psal i dunno wat to do at my first baby at dis blog..i hope i will loyal wit dis not jus post 1 topic n i blaahhhh...means lazee..mcm myspace,i juz sign in n till now i never open it n lupe trus password..i juz can stay for 1 ting,frenster..yezz..since 2005..den,pray 4 me...i like tulis2 tp kdg2 i mlas..cam my diari..da bper blan i never write on dat..cian anak mama..mcm ank tiri..hehehe..mser kt plkn..i hav a diary..dats da only book i write everyday..still now i read it..ape aku mngarut..n aku sudah mula mengarut..seswai la aku ni dgelar minah potpet2..x aayu lgsung..no no.aku msih lg ayu..n for me,,WeLcome as blogger!!!??

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